Members of Executive Committee / Governing Board

The Nature of the Organizational Management Policy:

  1. The organizational management policy will guide the employees & the management of the organization.
  2. The other concerned manuals of the organization will be designed in accordance of the organizational management policy so that the implementation will be sound & smooth.
  3. The organizational management policy will guide to operate the organization as per the Bangladesh Govt. rules & regulations.

The policy will be used as the motto, goal, objectives and guideline of the organization.

01Harun-ur Rashid CharimanMaleBSC, Engineer[RTD]Chair all sorts of meetings of the organization, make decisions considering the opinions of maximum in number s, ensure that all the provisions of the constitutions are being maintained & monitor and supervise the executive committee regularly.
02Tarikul Islam Vice ChairmanMaleBusinessAssist the chairperson to perform the activities, In absence of the chairperson, the vice chairman play the role of the chairperson.
03Habibur Rahman General SecretarymalePrivate ServiceTreated as the Executive Director of the Organization, In consultation of the chairperson, the Secretary will notify other members about the scheduled meetings. Submit the annual reports, budget, and work plan in general meeting.
04Mainul Islam Assist: General SecretaryMaleProfessorEvaluate the progress and activities of the organization once in every three months. Take necessary actions to make the organization financially sound and well off. Approve the yearly audit and accounts reports arranging in general body meeting once in every year.
05Asraful Haque TreasurerMaleBusiness 
06Afshana Ferdusi  FemaleDevelopment Worker 
07Aliga Pervin Member  FemaleTeacher