Human development training for beneficiaries

  1. Group management
  2. Leadership development
  3. Accounts Management
  4. Gender development
  5. Social awareness
  6. IGA selection
  7. Poverty alleviation and cause of poverty
  8. Gender equity in agriculture & land reform
  9. Primary health care
  10. Nutrition and Vitamin.

Skill development training for the beneficiaries

  1. Homestead gardening
  2. Poultry & duck rearing
  3. Fish culture
  4. Nursery development
  5. Sustainable agriculture
  6. Sewing & Handicrafts
  7. Tree plantation and Nursing
  8. Caretaker training
  9. Caretaker training
  10. Cow & goat rearing
  11. Small trade.

The organization has development some modules for imparting training to the group members are as follows:-

  1. Awareness raising
  2. Leadership development

Thematic Areas:

1.   Poverty Reduction and Livelihood

2. Gender Equality, Rights and Governance

3. Climate Change, Sustainable Agriculture and Biodiversity

4. Education, Empowerment and Information Technology

5. Health, Sanitation and Nutrition.


  • Introducing the organization nationally as well as globally;
  • Establishing a strong network and liaison with GoB, NGOs and civil society.
  • Adopting People Participation , community demanding and contemporary programs;
  • Maximum utilization of local resources;
  • Developing human resources;
  • Increasing the involvement of different media;
  • Applying integrated approach


  1. Peoples oriented: As desire and demand of the targeted marginalized people are the pre condition of development, people are the center point of our activities.
  2. Rights Sensitivity: We do believe that development is not a privilege rather it is the right of the people.
  3. Equal-Rights: Our development goal is to ensure equity in case of rights and distribution.
  4. Non-Discrimination: Our regular exercise is to ensure indiscrimination irrespective to gender, socio economic classes, castes, colors, groups, religions.
  5. Group effort: Everyone of the organization is equally important; group effort is the working technique to ensure maximum and effective outputs.
  6. Accountability: Both the organization and its activities are being operated in accordance with the policies, provisions and methods.
  7. Transparency: Ensure highest transparency in operating the organization as well its workforce.
  8. Tolerance & Sensitivity: We are tolerated and sensitive to the existing culture, customs and etiquettes.
  9. Zero tolerance: We do exercise ‘0’ level tolerance in case of any sorts of violence against women and children.
  10. Leadership development: Leadership development process actively exists in all the stages of the organization.


To accomplish its objectives smoothly, SEDS has developed several policies. All the activities are conducted according to its related approved policies. These are:

A)HR & Admin Policy

B) Gender Policy

C) Financial Management Policy

D) Micro credit Plicy

E) Child Safety Policy.

F) Information Disclosure Policy.

G) Workplace Policy.